Awards will be presented to the Top 3 Finishers in each category:

  • Overall Individual
  • Survivor Wave
  • Triathlon Relay
  • Junior Female Ages 12-13
  • Junior Female Ages 14-15
  • Junior Female Ages 16-17
  • Individual 18-19
  • Individual 20-24
  • Individual 25-29
  • Individual 30-34
  • Individual 35-39
  • Individual 40-44
  • Individual 45-49
  • Individual 50-54
  • Individual 55-59
  • Individual 60-64
  • Individual 65-69
  • Individual 70+


Results will be posted on the event website once they become official and after 10:30 a.m on Race Day.


You can enter as an individual or as part of a 2- or 3-person relay team. Within the Individual Category, all triathlons will offer the following divisions: Age Group, Buddy Wave, Survivor Wave and Premier Athletes.

Your age as of December 31 in the year of your race will determine which age group you will be assigned to.

The complete list of rules and regulations for the competition can be found here.

Age Group Division
This is the division where most participants register. Age groups are broken down into five-year increments (for example, 20-24, 25-29, etc). Participants in the Age Group Division will start in waves with other participants in their age group. Depending on the size of the age group, there may be multiple age groups in a single wave or there may be multiple waves of a particular age group. Participants of this division will be eligible for Age Group awards. The age group waves will start after the Premier Athletes waves.

Buddy Wave Division
If you want to complete the race with another participant who is not in your age group (mom, sister, friend, etc.), the Buddy Wave is for you. Buddy Waves will be the last waves, and Buddy Wave participants will not be eligible for awards.

Survivor Wave Division
We are also offering a Survivor Wave. If you are a survivor of a medical condition or wish to compete in honoring a survivor please select the appropriate box as part of the registration process. There will be Survivor Wave awards, but participants in the Survivor Wave are not eligible for Age Group or Premier Athletes awards.

Premier Athletes
Premier International Distance athletes (formerly known as “Elite Amateur”) must have a qualifying time of 2:10 for males and 2:20 for females from an international distance tri in the past 13 months. Premier Athletes are not eligible for age group awards.

Afraid of the swim? Haven’t ridden a bike since 5th grade? Bad knees and can’t run? Participate as part of a relay team! Recruit one or two friends or family members to help you with the parts of the race that you’d rather not do. Relay teams consist of two or three members. For two-person teams, one person must do two of the legs. For three-person teams, each member does one leg. Form mother/daughter teams, teams with members of your book club, your old college roommates or the women who work with you. Or come up with your own team theme! All relay team members must register and sign the waiver.